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Happy Easter!

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Just a quick note to wish you happy Easter!

So… it started pretty innocent… as always. And now? Yes. I have to confess. I am addicted! And here is the perpetrator:

I remember when over 2 years ago I bought my first Pandora bracelet and my first charm – little heart pendant. Now, my collection is getting bigger and bigger. 3 full bracelets, 6 rings… and still wanting more!

So, what is Pandora?

Pandora (founded in 1982 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark) designs, manufactures and markets hand-finished and modern jewellery made from genuine materials. Pandora jewellery is sold in more than 70 countries.

Pandora’s range of charms and bracelets includes more than 600 charms and clips, which can be combined with specially designed bracelets in metals, leather or textile. It’s you who design your own bracelet and… your own story.

What you can get?

1. Bracelet – there are few to choose from: gold, sterling silver with gold lock (oxidized and silver color), sterling silver (oxidized and silver color), leather with silver lock (single, double, triple braided), macrame bracelets, fabric strings with silver endings.

When choosing your bracelet, remember that it should be 2-3cm longer than your wrist measurement. As you fill up your bracelet, over time it may expand up to 1cm in length as the links of the chain relax.

2. Charms – choose between gold, silver, murano glass and wood charms to tell your story. I decided to go for 3 colors: 1 bracelet is brown, 1 yellow (imitation of gold) and 1 is purple.

3. Spacers – they fill the gaps in the bracelet and can add some colors.

4. Clips – clips on the threads (2 threads on the bracelet) will help space your charms evenly.

5. Safety chains – it’s really important to get one! Make sure that you will never lose your charm collection!


Few weeks ago we did a pin-up inspired photoshoot with beautiful Gabi and the most talented photographer I have ever met – Piotr from Here is a sneak peek (click the image to enlarge):

Kitchen vol.1:

Kitchen vol.2:

My lovely dog Tofik as a model:

Soon, closer look at pin-up make-up. Stay tuned!

The exciting Diet Coke Sparkling Together with Marc Jacobs limited edition collection, ‘I Heart ‘80s’, ‘I Heart ‘90s’ and ‘I Heart ‘00s’ has hit stores in Ireland on March 4th.

Diet Coke fans have the opportunity to win an exclusive Marc Jacobs pouch specially designed for the collaboration every 30 minutes for six weeks from the 4th of March.

One of this generation’s hottest and most influential designers, Marc Jacobs’ designs exude a youthful spirit, with provocative artistry – the perfect partner to collaborate with Diet Coke.

Marc Jacobs commented, “I feel very privileged to be the new Creative Director of Diet Coke and put my stamp on the 30th Anniversary campaign. Diet Coke is an icon… and I love an icon”.

How to win? Visit CokeZone.

I do prefer spending few more minutes in bed in the morning to getting up earlier and having plenty of time to do my full face and eyes make-up. Around 10 minutes for make-up application should be enough. It’s time for something easy-to-do.

How to achieve this look? It’s pretty simple! Follow our step by step tutorial.

Step 1:
Prime your eyes. Use a black pencil on your waterline. Apply a matte white eyeshadow (more on the translucent side than opaque) on the inner part of your eyelid. Apply a pink eyeshadow on to the outer part of your eyelid and blend it with the white. Use a light brown eye pencil underneath the eye.

Step 2:
Apply a shade of brown mixed with lilac just above the socket line.

Step 3:
Blend it upwards. Add highlight color on the brow bone. You may use shimmer or matte eyeshadow depending on your own preference (I used the matte base eyeshadow). Take a clean blending brush and blend everything together to get a smooth transition between colors.

Step 4:
Apply mix of brown and purple eyeshadows underneath the eye (where you used light brown eye pencil). Line your upper lash line with a gel liner. Apply lashes if you want and finish off with mascara.

Products used (full list to follow):
Inglot Eyeshadows
Sleek Eyeshadows
MAC Blacktrack Gel Liner

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