Wings of Envy

Here is a new look from Yves Saint Laurent. How to create it? It is so simple! Check this out- step-by-step tutorial:

1. Using the Spring Look 5 Colour Harmony for eyes palette, €60, start by taking the pink from the palette all over the lid, then take the pink under the bottom lash line too. Be sure to intensify the colour on the inner part of the eye both bottom and top, this will open up the eye area and bring light to the look.

2. Next, take the light blue and apply over the pink on the outer corner of the lid, up to the crease of the eye, also sweep the colour under the outer corner of the lower lash line.

3. Use the dark blue with a small eye definer brush to line the eyes – follow close to the lash line both top and bottom, for increased intensity this can be used slightly damp.

4. Then take the brown and sweep along the lash line blending in with the dark blue to soften the line.

5. Finish the look by blending with the highlighter from the centre of the palette to soften any lines, adding a generous pop of this colour on the centre of the upper lid to bring out the beauty of the eyes. To complete the look, add a coat of False Lash Effect Mascara, €31, to give you that false lash effect and for kissable lips use Golden Gloss No 14, Golden Petal, €30.

Source: Debenhams

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