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So, summer is nearly here. Time to get some tan! Well… it won’t be so easy here, in Ireland… At the moment it is raining like crazy… The only solution? Self-tanners! I’m not a big fan of these products to be honest mainly because of the ugly smell. But I have found something that works pretty nice and does not smell so bad: Dove Summer Glow.

It’s available in two shades: “Fair to Medium” and “Medium to Dark”. You may also get one with soft shimmer. Dove Summer Glow contains the unique DeepCare Complex, with natural skin nutrients and rich essential oils to help gradually improve skin starting deep down.

Here is mine:


Dove recommends daily application for a beautiful, even summer glow all year round.





– Easy to apply.
– The colour is very buildable.
– After 3 days of application it looked the best.
– Tan looks really natural yet noticeable.
– Skin looks healthy.
– It does not go streaky or patchy.
– The smell is pretty nice – there is no strong and nasty self-tanner smell almost at all.
– It’s moisturising (my skin is pretty dry). It’s not tacky.
– It doesn’t transfer onto clothes.
– Price: 4-6 euro.


– Remember to apply it even around your elbows to (just in case) avoid orange tint.
– If you want to use it on your face, remember to blend it to your hairline and eyebrows.
– If your skin is oily or acne prone, do not use it on your face as it may cause you breakouts.
– Remember to wash your hands after – orange palms aren’t pretty.
– To avoid “white glove” effect you may want to use wet towel to remove excess.

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My skin is very sensitive under the eyes and quite dry on my chin and cheeks. Forehead and nose areas tend to be normal to oily. I couldn’t find products good for my skin type for a long time but finally I’ve discovered a perfect combination! It’s only few steps for healthier and nicer looking skin!

Step 1 - make-up removal

My product: L’Oreal Dermo Expertise Gentle Make-Up Remover for Eyes and Lips

Gently and effectively cleanse delicate skin. It’s non irritant, enriched with Pro Vitamin formula is suitable for sensitive eyes. This is the best remover I’ve ever had!

Step 2 – scrub

My product: L’Oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Gentle Scrub

Rich foaming and GENTLE scrub with tiny particles which are rubbed against the face, exfoliating dead skin cells. It comes with The Scrublet – soft, flexible brush. After use, skin feels very clean, smooth and fresh. And I love its frutty smell!

Step 3 - milk

My product: Lancome Galateis Douceur Gentle Softening Cleansing Fluid for Face and Eyes

A water-light lotion that removes stubborn remains of foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick. Leaves skin feeling clean and fresh, soft and supple. Love it!

Step 4 - tone

My Product: Lancome Tonique Douceur Softening Hydrating Toner Alcohol Free

This alcohol-free lotion enriched with soothing plant extracts is the perfect finishing touch to makeup removal for dehydrated skin. It gently tones and refines the skin, removing any remaining impurities, without depleting its natural oils. Leaves skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed and ready for daily (or night time) treatments.

Step 5 – creams: day, night, eye

My products:
– Lancome PRIMORDIALE SKIN RECHARGE, Visible Smoothing Renewing Day Time Moisturiser SPF15
– Lancome PRIMORDIALE SKIN RECHARGE, Visible Smoothing Renewing Night Time Moisturiser SPF15
– Lancome PRIMORDIALE YEUX, Visible Smoothing Renewing Eye Moisturiser, 1st Signs of Ageing

For these 3 products you have to spent around 175 euro… It’s a lot of money but they are just PERFECT, work wonders and last for long! It’s good investment.

Day and nigh time creams:
A silky products texture with SPF 15 protection for an ultra-efficient creams, conceived to fight against 1st wrinkles. Immediately, skin feels smoother and looks more radiant. Enriched with the powerful and energetic vitamin, Biotin (B8), Primordiale Skin Recharge is able to recharge the skin with moisture, to assist optimal skin function. Skin quality appears visibly improved. Gentle exfoliants stimulate surface skin cell renewal which helps to refine skin texture, so that 1st wrinkles look smoother & pores appear reduced. After night to day treatment, skin looks “replumped”, more luminous and healthier.

Eye cream:
Primordiale Yeux Skin Recharge eye cream, enriched with Vitamin E, helps to neutralise free radicals. Exfoliating agents gently smooth the eye contour area to reveal radiant looking skin. As it is better protected against the signs of premature ageing, the eye contour area appears visibly younger. This ultra-smoothing eye cream: reduces the appearance of 1st wrinkles, puffiness looks visibly reduced and dark circles appear lighter. I absolutely adore this product!

Cheaper alternative:
L’Oreal Collagen Re-Plumper (day and night cream)

Skin is visible smoother. You will see the difference after few days.

Step 6 - lips

My product: Aloe Vera Vaseline

Lips are incredibly soft and smooth!

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