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A Tangle Teezer hair brush will break the cycle of broken hair and give tangled hair the brush off. A revolution in detangling hair, it has the ability to flex and not pull upon contact with tangles, gently and effortlessly delivering smooth and shiny hair in an instant.

Tangle Teezer is the first of a new generation of detangling hairbrushes. Upon picking up Tangle Teezer you will notice the teeth aren’t like that of an ordinary brush which is where the hair genius comes in. The unique configuration of specifically designed teeth flex just the right amount to detangle and help smooth the hair’s cuticle which in turn protects the inner cortex from damage.

Using the Tangle Teezer will ensure your hair will appear more lustrous by minimising cuticle damage which in turn will help colour last and reduce the risk of fading. The hair shaft is also better prepared for the onslaught of damaging heat from styling tools.

Tangle Teezer can be used for all types of hair and held however you prefer without affecting its high performance. Excellent for detangling both wet and dry hair.

Our opinion: AMAZING! It really makes a difference!
Price: around 15 euro at Boots (Compact size)

Source: tangletweezer

Cosmetics supporting hair straightening

1. TREsemme, Heat Defence, Smooth Styling Spray – appraisal
Protects against high temperature, simultaneously supporting a better styling outcome. Smoothens the hair and makes it shine. Contains no alcohol.

2. L’Oreal, Studio Line, Hot Liss ocean – appraisal
Temperature-activated milk, for use while strengthening the hair with a flat iron or a dryer. Makes the strengthening of hair easy and effective. Offers long-lasting hairdo, silky shine and protects the hair.

3. John Frieda, Frizz-Ease, Straightening potion – appraisal
Heat protecting hair strengthening spray
Ingenious dry spray that smoothens and keeps the hair light. The hair is glossy, like a mirror.
Protects the hair against the heat transmitted by a blow-dryer or a flat iron. Fixes the damage done by heat through penetrating deep into a hair. Protects it from the inside and on the outside.

4. Aussie, Dual Personality for Straightening Heat Protection –  appraisal
Dual Personality for Straightening Heat Protection has a unique formula containing Jojoba oil. Protects the hair against heat while straightening. The effect – smooth hair that shines healthy.

5. Tigi, Bed Head, After Party Smoothing Cream – appraisal
An ideal party companion! Smoothens the hair, makes it look glossy, silky and healthy. Tames flyaways. The next day it will help you to get rid of “party smell” and go have fun again.

1. Dry you hair thoroughly using a blow-dryer.

2. Work the chosen hair straightening product into your hair and divide the hair into sections.

3. Begin straightening from the back of the head, choosing strands of average thickness.

4. Run the flat iron along the hair starting from the roots down. Use a comb for support, holding it right at the back of the flat iron.

5. Finally, run the flat iron against the hair ends and pull hard downwards, defining their direction. Results?

Want healthy looking hair? Hydrate your scalp!

With over eight years of experience in pursuit of what makes hair healthy and beautiful, Shiseido Research Laboratories confirm that healthy-looking hair comes from healthy scalp.

Hair Energizing Complex – a revolutionary revitalizing formulation that encourages a healthy scalp and redefines the future appearance of your hair.

Hair Energizing Complex is enriched with Tetracosamine to create the optimum environment to hair revitalization. Contains coriander extract to strenghten hair.

Source: Shiseido

L’oreal hair color

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Penelope’s natural beauty, elegqance and self-confidence inspire women around the world.

Natural Match Color Creme Gloss is a no-ammonia permanent color cream that gives you natural, high gloss color while covering grays. Now Natural Match contains a Nutri-Gloss Infuser, made with 100% natural pomegranate, apricot and jojoba oils, for rich, glossy shine. Hydra-Gloss Conditioner enriched with even more aloe and green tea, deeply conditions, leaving hair soft to the touch.

Source: L’oreal

Ciaran Cannon from Shampoo Hair Design Studio


  • How long have you been hairdressing?

Been Hairdressing 20 years, since I left School at the age of 16.

  • When did you realise that you wanted to be a hairdresser?

Realised I wanted to do hairdressing after working in a salon during my summer holidays, to have some cash, and just feel in love with it, I just knew it was for me.

  • What do you love and hate most about your job?

I love everything about my job, the challenges, its never boring, I get to travel and meet really interesting people.
If I had to pick one thing I hate about it it would be some other hairdressers can be two faced and bitchy.


  • What are your favourite hair products to use?

I love the Play Ball range from L’OREAL. There just so much fun and there’s a product in it for every look.

  • What is your favourite hair style?

Always loved Louise Brooks 1920’s bob it timeless.

  • If you could cut any celebrity’s hair who would it be and why?

Would have loved to do Louise Brooks hair, but she’s dead.
Would have to be Pink, she just so cool.


Shampoo Hair Design,
Wellington Quay, Dublin

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