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Today, I would like to introduce Konad Nail Art Kit to you.

With a Konad Nail Art Kit you can create perfect, professional nail designs in seconds. And believe me… It’s really easy! Even for such a clumsy person like me!  Konad Nail Art Polish is specially formulated to work with pre-designed image plates and stamping tools to achieve the high quality professional looking salon nails. How? Just paint your nail with color of your choice (use special Konad Nail Polish), decide on pattern you want to go for, apply another special Nail Polish onto your plate (cover the pattern), impress it on your stamp and gently press the stamp to your nail. Guess what? You are done!

You can put designs not only onto you nails but also onto mobile phones, watches, calculators, clocks, sunglasses, earrings, mirrors, gift wraps or any plastic surface.

There are plenty of convenient packages of Konad Stamping Nail Art kits to choose from. All necessary equipments like stamp, scraper, image plate and Konad special nail art polish are included.

It is fast, easy and fun. It will unleash your creativity. Your nails will look neat and beautiful!

Here are examples of art created with Konad:

Isn’t it beautiful?!

nails by: Marzena Szeląg

This winter’s most wanted nails shades are:

FFFrostyyy… brr:

1. OPI,  Breathe Life
2. Nails Inc, Portobello Road,
3. Orly Nail Polish, Winterwonderland
4. NARS Vintage, Full Metal Jacket

Gold-ish night:

1. Dior Vernis, Timeless Gold,
2. OPI, Glitzerland
3. ELF, Moonlight
4. Nails Inc, Lanesborough Place

Red-ish wine:

1. Essie, Forever Young
2. OPI, Opi Red
3. ELF, Medium Red
4. Givenchy, Vintage Garnet

Nails naturally come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each person has nail features that are unique.
There are long fingers with wide nail beds, short fingers with short nail beds, and every combination in between.
Most women lean toward one of the five basic shapes: square, round, oval, squoval, or pointed. Though other blended combinations of these shapes exist, these five are definitely the most common.

So how do you know which shape to use on your nails? In few articles we will try to give you some subtle clues and hints that will help you decide on the proper shape.

1. Oval shape

First one which we introduce to you is oval shape.
The oval shape is an attractive nail shape for most women’s hands. It can accentuate femininity and gracefulness. Orly educator Elsbeth Schuetz says the oval shape is an interesting shape because it can work on long nail beds and short ones as well. Ovals can be longer to accentuate a long nail bed, or they can be shorter to complement a shorter nail bed. The oval can add length to a nail while retaining the softer curves of the round shape.

How to file?
Schuetz warns that filing an oval shape can be rather difficult because slight imperfections can make the nail look unbalanced. To achieve the oval shape, first begin by straightening your sidewalls and making sure they are even. Then begin filing from the side of the nail toward the top, using smooth, arching motions with the file. From there, work your angles on both sides and around the free edge to smooth into the oval shape you’re looking for. The finished oval should have a nice balance between the cuticle shape and the free edge.

Source: Tim Crowley

We’ve got:
Saucy Polish – beautiful red colour!
– Rain Polish – amazing grey-ish blue colour!
– Posh Polish – this season’s hottest shade for nails!
– Vintage Polish – fabulous pastel turquoise-blue colour!


1. Saucy Polish:

2. Rain Polish:

3. Posh Polish:

4. Vintage Polish:

Our feelings:
- adorable bottles
– long-lasting (3-4 days)
– easy to apply
– dry very quick
– high shine effect
– beautiful shades
– good price ($5.50; £3.00; 4.00€)
– creamy consistency (one coat is enough)
– the only minus: Vintage polish consistency (more liquid; one coat is not enough)


Use our code (when ordering online) for your free gift:

Summer is almost finished, unfortunately. It’s time to think about autumn. Lets find out what is going to be popular and glamorous on our nails. Usually autumn’s colors are different then summer’s: a bit darker, more elegant, calm and bold.

Popular colors: dark plums, inky-reds, greys and charcoals, deep purples and navy blues, dark browns, dark orange, copper, lavender and wines.

Your nails should not be too long this time, Ladies.

Holidays are ending so it’s time to sum up what was trendy during this summer among ladies who live in Ireland.

– The most common colours were: light blue, reflecting pink and intensive orange.
– Different nail shape: from square to sharp or curled spikes.
– Acryl paints designs, acrylic flowers, glitter were very popular this summer.
– French manicure is immortal so ladies still chose it but instead of white ends they wanted a different colour.

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