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Long time no see! It’s hard to believe it’s almost winter… Hello dry skin! But… there is a solution!

IMAGE Skincare Ageless Hyaluronic Filler is a godsend for problem dry skin, giving a filler effect to the skin whilst creating the appearance of volume and smoothness throughout the neck and decolletage. Containing Hyaluronic Acid, which is known to be able to carry up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, the Hyaluronic Filler can help prevent excessive oil production, giving your skin the balance and moisture that it needs without adding more shine, making it suitable for the use on oily skin too.

Hyaluronic acid is something that our bodies naturally produce when we are younger, but as we age, production decreases. This makes it easier for sun damage to occur, as well as dryness and loss of collagen and elastin.


Apply the Pure Hyaluronic Filler to cleansed skin morning and evening and before applying  moisturiser.

IMAGE Skincare Ageles Hyaluronic Filler is available in selected IMAGE Skincare centres.

RRP: €29.50

So, summer is nearly here. Time to get some tan! Well… it won’t be so easy here, in Ireland… At the moment it is raining like crazy… The only solution? Self-tanners! I’m not a big fan of these products to be honest mainly because of the ugly smell. But I have found something that works pretty nice and does not smell so bad: Dove Summer Glow.

It’s available in two shades: “Fair to Medium” and “Medium to Dark”. You may also get one with soft shimmer. Dove Summer Glow contains the unique DeepCare Complex, with natural skin nutrients and rich essential oils to help gradually improve skin starting deep down.

Here is mine:


Dove recommends daily application for a beautiful, even summer glow all year round.





– Easy to apply.
– The colour is very buildable.
– After 3 days of application it looked the best.
– Tan looks really natural yet noticeable.
– Skin looks healthy.
– It does not go streaky or patchy.
– The smell is pretty nice – there is no strong and nasty self-tanner smell almost at all.
– It’s moisturising (my skin is pretty dry). It’s not tacky.
– It doesn’t transfer onto clothes.
– Price: 4-6 euro.


– Remember to apply it even around your elbows to (just in case) avoid orange tint.
– If you want to use it on your face, remember to blend it to your hairline and eyebrows.
– If your skin is oily or acne prone, do not use it on your face as it may cause you breakouts.
– Remember to wash your hands after – orange palms aren’t pretty.
– To avoid “white glove” effect you may want to use wet towel to remove excess.


Spring is here and it’s time to take care of our skin.

It’s not just mothers that suffer from dry skin, its babies too. A baby’s skin is much more susceptible than adults to skin conditions such as dry skin due to over sensitivity and fluctuating temperatures. This leads to reduced moisture levels which causes skin to dry out leaving your babies skin itchy, taut, flaky  and in need of a drink and some special care.

Bepanthen Moisturiser has been specifically developed for babies and infants and is so gentle it is even suitable for new-borns. It contains provitamin B5 which helps to protect baby’s delicate skin and keeps skin hydrated around the clock. Clinically proven, it gently moisturises skin and helps protect it from dry and itchy symptoms. Well… if it’s good for babies, it’s going to be good for your skin as well (especially if you have really sensitive skin).

Bepanthen Moisturiser is suitable for babies with extra sensitive skin and doesn’t contain any:
·         Alcohol
·         Colours
·         Fragrances
·         Parabens
·         Other Preservatives

Price €7.49

Source: Rachel Dalton Communications

Tired of shaving? Have you ever tried sugaring? No? You should! Sugaring works in a similar way to waxing – makes your hair grow thinner and thinner.

Sugar Strip Ease is made from special blend of sugar syrups and is 100% free from any chemicals or additives.  Product is completely water soluble – no need for ‘after waxing wipes’. The fabric strips are reusable – just clean them under warm water to get rid of any residue.

Sugar StripEase Kit contains:
- Sugar StripEase Natural Hair Remover Jar 250g;
– Strips, Reusable & Washable x15;
– Applicators x3 (2 large and 1 small);
– Instructions.

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How to use:
Heat up the jar in microwave for 60 seconds (around 650 watt). Make sure it’s not too hot (test the product on your wrist). Apply the thin layer of sugar wax with wooden spatula. Immediately cover with a fabric strip. Pull back in the opposite direction of hair growth. And… you are done!

- simple to use;
– only 2 ingredients – no lemon juice (a common ingredient in sugaring that can be irritant on sensitive skin);
– honey-ish consistency – not as messy as wax;
– less painful than wax – sugar syrup sticks only to the hair and not to the skin;
– suitable for sensitive skin – can be used on every area of the body from face to legs, bikini-line to underarm;
– water soluble;
– pretty packaging;
– leaving silky smooth skin for around 2-3 weeks;
– price (around 14 euro);
– not tested on animals.

- none.

Simply Natural is an Irish company specializing in cosmetics and personal care products that are natural and organic. Sugar Strip Ease is the only the only hair removal product on the market that is BUAV and Vegan Certified.

Hello Ladies,

Today, I have prepared for you really quick video with swatches of L’Oreal Super Liners.

L’oreal swatches:

L’oreal Super Liner Luminizer - for specific eye colors (hazel, blue, green).

L’oreal Super Liner - regular line.


L’oreal Super Liner Luminizer in Black Emerald / Green Eyes
L’oreal Super Liner Luminizer in Black Amethyst / Hazel Eyes
L’oreal Super Liner in Silver Black
L’oreal Super Liner in Black Crystals

– good quality;
– good pigmentation;
– “watery” consistency;
– tip;
– smooth application;
– packaging;
– wearing time: average, around 7 hours;
– price: around 10 euro for 6 ml.

– expiry date: 6 months;
– after around 5 months product may dry our and peel on lids;
– limited color range.

Good product.

Catrice lipstick swatches:

Ultimate Colour Collection (silver packaging) – smooth, creamy and moisturizing consistency with medium coverage. Shiny, glossy finish. 16 shades.

Ultimate Shine Collection (black packaging) – creamy consistency. Rich colour. 16 shades.

Ultimate Shine Collection 010 Be Natural
Ultimate Shine Collection 130 Frosen Rose
Ultimate Colour Collection 050 Simply Rosewood
Ultimate Colour Collection 060 Teddy Brown
Ultimate Colour Collection 150 Berry Pink

– good quality: amazing pigmentation, softness.
– packaging – high-end looking.
– low price around 5 euro!!
– range of 33 colours and different finishes.
– nice colour range.
– not drying.
– “slippery” consistency.

– Ultimate Colour Collection lipsticks may emphasise chapped lips.
– “slippery” consistency – for darker shades I would suggest to use a lip liner.
– wearing time: average.

Amazing product for amazingly low price.

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