Wings of Envy

Collection 2000 NEW Colour Intense Trio Eye Shadow (£2.99)

These palettes have three complementary colours in each product, and with the striking shades merging together, this bargain beauty buy becomes even more versatile.

Available in the following eight heavenly hues: Silver Storm (black, white & silver), Steel Ice (silver, blue & black), Cookie Dough (beige, gold & brown), Sandcastle (beige, pink, peach), Fuchsia Falls (silver, hot pink & grey), Candy Shop (pink, blue & peach), Night Jewels (navy, purple & blue), Lemon Tropics (yellow, green & turquoise).

We’ve got: NEW Colour Intense Trio Eye Shadow in Steel Ice:

Silver with silver sparkles
Steel blue – silver, metallic finish
Black with silver sparkles

Steel Ice palette is perfect to create sexy Smokey eyes.

Collection 2000 Colour Intense Solo Eye Shadows (£1.99)

These pots have been updated with seven new shades.

Available in the following hues: Lime Pie (lime green), Playful Punk (purple), Moon Drop (grey), Blue Crush (light blue), Love & Money (grass green), Truffle Ruffle (brown) , (bronze), Viva Vegas (pink), Charcoal Glitz (black) and Frosting (white).

We’ve got: Colour Intense Solo Eye Shadows in Playful Punk and Sugar Rush:

Playful Punk – an amazing opalescent purple shadow. Ideal for dark eyes.
Sugar Rush – beautiful orange-gold-ish colour with metallic finish. Perfect for all colours of eyes.

Our feelings:
- easy to apply and blend
– good pigmentation
– if you use an eyeshadow base, colours will stay vibrant for longer
– great price

Available in Superdrug (Tallaght and also in Limerick and Wexford) and Boots.

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