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There are more and more companies catching on to the idea that not all women want to be sold completely unrealistic ideals of beauty. One such example, The Dublin Lingerie Company, hails from Dublin in Ireland, where they run an online store for real women. Their slogan ‘with every woman in mind’ sums up their belief that pretty and sensual lingerie should be for everyone. The DLC only stock specialist brands reflecting their ethos, and specialise in certain areas to make beautiful lingerie available to all women.

These are:

Plus size – it is a well known fact that 70% of girls/ladies are now more than a C cup, so the majority of the collection covers C cup upwards. As well as cups AAA to KK, you will find back sizes 28 to 58.

Mother and baby – there is a lot of helpful information on the site about choosing and using maternity and nursing bras, and why these are important to protect and preserve the shape of your breasts during and after pregnancy. Plus of course a wide range of maternity and nursing bras that look and feel great.

Sportswear – like maternity and nursing bras, using a good sports bra is a really important way to protect your breasts, and should be an essential part of your sports kit. The DLC stock some great ladies sports brands.

Mastectomy – nowadays there are some beautiful post operative and post surgery bras on the market and caring lingerie companies should be offering these.

Few weeks ago we have received beautiful BestForm Lingerie set in Mocha:


It’s soft and really comfy.

How to choose your bra?

Around 60/70% of ladies choose to wear a larger back size (for comfort) and a smaller cup size – this is completely bad advice as the looser back size forces the shoulders to take the strain – causing shoulder and back pain. In many cases ladies experience severe discomfort and often shoulder wounds.

Ladies need to be continually informed that the support MUST come from under the bust beit with an underwired or soft cup underband bra – they cannot leave the support to the straps – this is where the problems begin.

There are two key measurements you need to determine: your band size and cup size. All you need to do to find them is put on your best-fitting unpadded bra and stand in front of a mirror, holding a tape measure. Here you can find detailed guide.


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