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So, summer is nearly here. Time to get some tan! Well… it won’t be so easy here, in Ireland… At the moment it is raining like crazy… The only solution? Self-tanners! I’m not a big fan of these products to be honest mainly because of the ugly smell. But I have found something that works pretty nice and does not smell so bad: Dove Summer Glow.

It’s available in two shades: “Fair to Medium” and “Medium to Dark”. You may also get one with soft shimmer. Dove Summer Glow contains the unique DeepCare Complex, with natural skin nutrients and rich essential oils to help gradually improve skin starting deep down.

Here is mine:


Dove recommends daily application for a beautiful, even summer glow all year round.





– Easy to apply.
– The colour is very buildable.
– After 3 days of application it looked the best.
– Tan looks really natural yet noticeable.
– Skin looks healthy.
– It does not go streaky or patchy.
– The smell is pretty nice – there is no strong and nasty self-tanner smell almost at all.
– It’s moisturising (my skin is pretty dry). It’s not tacky.
– It doesn’t transfer onto clothes.
– Price: 4-6 euro.


– Remember to apply it even around your elbows to (just in case) avoid orange tint.
– If you want to use it on your face, remember to blend it to your hairline and eyebrows.
– If your skin is oily or acne prone, do not use it on your face as it may cause you breakouts.
– Remember to wash your hands after – orange palms aren’t pretty.
– To avoid “white glove” effect you may want to use wet towel to remove excess.

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