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ELF (eyes-lips-face) is a well-known for make-up brand. Their products’ quality is good (especially Studio range) and prices are really low. You can get ELF make-up here:

We bought 32 pieces Eyeshadow Palette Everyday Brights:


– low price (around 11 euro);
– 32 eyeshadows – great range of colors – combination of neutrals, brights and dark colors – great for everyday make-up and for smokey eyes;
– different finishes: from matte to shimmer and glittery;
– powdery consistency;
– good pigmentation;
– nice packaging.


– fall-out;
– you have to use eyeshadow base to bring the color out.


<Click the image to enlarge>

a) Browns and golds:

b) Greens and blues:

c) Blues and violets:

d) Grays:


Good quality for very low price! Around 11 euro for 32 eyeshadows?! It’s worth it!

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