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Brushes are very important for even make-up application. Below, you will find must-have face brushes. All presented items are by Maestro Brush. Maestro Brush is a Poland based company specializing in hand-made brushes production. To be totally honest with you, their brushes are THE MOST EXCELLENT brushes I have ever used. The quality is just AMAZING! It’s cheaper and… better alternative to MAC brushes!

1. Powder Brush

a) Natural bristles:

b) Synthetic bristles:

Great for applying all kinds of powders. Synthetic bristles are a little bit softer than natural. Dome shape and long bristles helps to get even application:

2. Blush Brush

Soft bristles and unique angled shape makes the application easier. Avoid small brushes – it’s easier to pick up too much color and harder to blend it. It’s also great for applying highlighters.

3. Contouring Brush

Amazing tapered shape of this brush makes the bronzer application much easier! Apply just a little bit of the product on a top of the brush – side bristles will blend it beautifully!

4. Stippling Brush

Stiff flat top bristles. Great for stippling foundation onto the skin for airbrushed finish.

5. Foundation Brush

Stiff, elastic synthetic bristles. Avoid streaks by altering direction of strokes (you can use finger tips for final touches).

6. Concealer Brush

Synthetic bristles, variety of sizes depending on use: medium size is great for under eye circles and small size is great for covering pimples.

a) Medium size (rounded shape):

b) Small size:

Presented brushes:
– Maestro Powder Brush, series: 190, size: 18
– Maestro Powder Brush, Synthetic, series: 180, size: 24
– Maestro Blush Brush, series: 170, size: 22
– Maestro Contouring Brush, series: 150, size: 22
– Maestro Flat Top Brush, series: 140, size: 20
– Maestro Foundation Brush, series: 220, size: 20
– Maestro Concealer Brush, series: 210, size: 14
– Maestro Concealer Brush, series: 230

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