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Cosmetics supporting hair straightening

1. TREsemme, Heat Defence, Smooth Styling Spray – appraisal
Protects against high temperature, simultaneously supporting a better styling outcome. Smoothens the hair and makes it shine. Contains no alcohol.

2. L’Oreal, Studio Line, Hot Liss ocean – appraisal
Temperature-activated milk, for use while strengthening the hair with a flat iron or a dryer. Makes the strengthening of hair easy and effective. Offers long-lasting hairdo, silky shine and protects the hair.

3. John Frieda, Frizz-Ease, Straightening potion – appraisal
Heat protecting hair strengthening spray
Ingenious dry spray that smoothens and keeps the hair light. The hair is glossy, like a mirror.
Protects the hair against the heat transmitted by a blow-dryer or a flat iron. Fixes the damage done by heat through penetrating deep into a hair. Protects it from the inside and on the outside.

4. Aussie, Dual Personality for Straightening Heat Protection –  appraisal
Dual Personality for Straightening Heat Protection has a unique formula containing Jojoba oil. Protects the hair against heat while straightening. The effect – smooth hair that shines healthy.

5. Tigi, Bed Head, After Party Smoothing Cream – appraisal
An ideal party companion! Smoothens the hair, makes it look glossy, silky and healthy. Tames flyaways. The next day it will help you to get rid of “party smell” and go have fun again.


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