Wings of Envy

From her home studio in the foothills of the Wicklow mountains, ceramicist Rebeka Kahn creates bewitching neckpieces, earrings and bracelets, each one incorporating uniquely sculpted ceramic and glass elements inspired by her surroundings.
Each piece of Rebeka Kahn jewellery is just as unique as the person who ends up wearing it. Every ceramic element in every creation is singularly hand-crafted, glazed and fired in Rebeka’s home studio.
Every piece receives the individual attention from the artist that the wearer deserves. We add glazes and glass to each ceramic element, and double-fire them in our own kilns, or outdoors in dramatic, large naked flames! “Raku”.

WOE:  How did you get started as a designer?

Rebeka: I suppose I really started as far back as when I was a little girl and to my mother’s detriment I used to redesign the lamp shades, my clothes, the walls! Anything really!
I originally studied graphic design and ran my own graphic design company, Future Grafix. But in my heart I only ever always wanted to do something artistist which was a lot more hands on, creative and 3d. I started off making very much over sized large ceramic pieces of art but then somehow ended up making the small pieces for the jewellery which are tiny and so much more intricate compared to the large wal art and abstract pots I used to make.

WOE: What inspires you?

Rebeka: What inspires me…..everything! Each piece I make can inspire the next! Everything from a pebble on the beach, a shape or texture in the trees to something I may dream.

WOE: Who would you like to see your jewellery on?

Rebeka: I love to see my jewellery on anyone who enjoys wearing it! There is a piece or lots of pieces which suit everybody! All of the pieces really come to life when they are worn, it’s so lovely to see different pieces on different people and how they reflect the light, their skin tone and even what they are wearing. But most importantly I love when I see their faces light up with a big smile when my customers look in the mirror and see how the neckpieces look on them! That is an unbeatable feeling! And every woman needs to feel like that!
My pieces have been worn by a few celebrities and public personalities, they have been worn at functions, occassions, weddings, parties, everyday and even just today a lovely woman bought some pieces and said that she doesn’t get to go out much because she works so hard with her horses, but that she likes to look glamorous even in her wellies!

WOE:  What are you working on now? Do you have any new projects?

Rebeka: I am working towards the National Ploughing Championships in less than two weeks time, the upcoming Christmas shows and fairs as well as my collection for The Loft (where we have a spot in the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, Dublin) and all at the same time I am putting together some exciting new work for my Autumn Winter collections.

WOE: Any advice you would like to give to aspiring designers?

Rebeka: Yes, just this…..”Always stay true to yourself, design what ‘you’ like and don’t change it too much for what’s ‘trend’ or ‘fashionable’. And most importantly do what you enjoy most and love it!!!

Jewellery: Rebeka Kahn-
Photo: Halina Garycka
Models: Martyna Langwerska, Paulina Kwaśniak
Make-up: Martyna Langwerska, Daria Czajka

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