Wings of Envy

Same as food, cosmetics with a long expiration date contain lots of chemicals –  it’s a fact – you cover your skin with the coat similar to plastic glove. We all prefer healthy vegetables and fruits so why not make some fresh food for our skin?

– bowl with water
– handful of fresh basil (antifungal effect)
– handful of fresh rosemary (refreshing and antibacterial effect)
– some dried cloves (antibacterial effect)
– 2 tea spoons of olives oil (soft and moisturize effect)
– lemon juice made from 1 fresh lemon ( invigorate and tone up)

How to prepare it:
Cleaned, fresh herbals and dried cloves squash in a clay bowl then add to a bowl of water. Add olives oil and fresh lemon juice. Mix all together and apply onto your feet. Leave for at least 10 minutes.

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