Wings of Envy


Model: Martyna
Age: 25
City: Dublin


Make-up by SimpleBeauty
Photo by Halinka

Make Up

Martyna has a very clear and beautiful skin, thats way I decided to use a light foundation. Then I cover the dark circle under her eyes. Beige and Turquoise are perfect colours for her brown eyes. I made a’la smoky eyes. Then I applied a golden-brown bronzer to made her face glamorous looking. For the end I used light beige lipgloss. It is a day look, perfect to “wear” to work or shopping with friends !

Cosmetics I used:
– Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Skin Balancing Makeup (buff)
– Elizabeth Arden Sheer Lights Illuminating Pen Concealer (natural)
– Urban Decay’s Foreshadow Eyeshadow Palette
– MAC Lipgelee (moonstone)
– Prescriptives, fresh cut cheek color


I’ve decided to straighten her hair just a little bit.


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