Wings of Envy

Model: Anna
Age: 25
City: Dublin

Anna is interested in history. Her favourite period is the beginning of the 20th century and that is why she asked us to style her for that period. Let us recall that 1920’s began huge changes in the life of women – corsets were dropped, skirts were shortened, short hair and bold makeup became more popular. First cosmetic companies, such as Elizabeth Arden and Max Factor, appeared on the market at that time. The indispensable elements of a makeup were emphasized eyebrows and firmly outlined lips.


How did Daria (our Make-up Artist) achieve such a stunning effect? The first step was to cleanse and moisture a skin with a cleansing milk, tonic and a moisturizing cream. Then she put a base for a makeup. The next step was to cover the natural eyebrows. Daria used a special wax and tightly concealing the equalizer. Then she put a bright medium covering make-up foundation on the whole face (including the mouth). The eye make-up started from the eye shadows base, so that colours could retain their depth and intensity for many hours (we recommend Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance).

The following step was to put a light beige shade on the entire eyelid (from the eyelash to the covered eyebrows). The movable part of the eyelid was highlighted with the bright gold colour.

For a more striking effect Daria darkened the eyelids with a chocolate eye shadow (starting from the edge of the nose and ending at the outer corner of the eyelids, leaving the centre of the eyelids untouched). Then she blurred the difference between the colours using a soft brush and a light brown shade. In the next step she put the mascara on the eyelashes and drew a long and thin line just above the real eyebrows.

When the eyes were ready Daria moved to the mouth and started by outlining Anna’s lips with a dark purple lip liner, giving them the shape of hearts and filling them with a matte lipstick of the same colour. The whole image was complemented by a stylish band and a long string of beads.

Cosmetics Daria used:
– Fluid Ultrafoundatin Kryolan in shade TV white
– Dermacolor Camouflage System Kryolan
– Wax Kryolan
– Inglot eyeshadows Palette PRO
– artDeco eyeshadow base
– Lancome Hypnose Volume Mascara Black
– Max Factor Creme Puff Compact (Translucent)
– Ceramide Plump Perfect Lipstick (Perfect Currant)
– Smooth Line Lip Pencil Lip Definer (Java)

Anna: “I could not divert my attention from the mirror. Was it really me? Absolutely astonishing effect! You cannot experience something like that everyday. I will definitely remember the makeover for a long time. I would really recommend it to all women. Thank you …”


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