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Model: Martyna
Age: 25
City: Dublin

Martyna is the winner of this year’s “Free makeover” competition, which was organized by WingsOfEnvy Team, D1 studio and Polonia Extra. It was a pleasure for us to work with such a genuine, funny and smiley person.
Her energy and optimism had very positive consequences on our entire beauty team, and we all had a great fun while working with this lovely lady.


We are preparing the skin for a makeover with cleansing, toning and moisturizing. After making sure that the moisturizer was absorbed, we are applying a very light foundation, which is great especially during the warm days. We are using the concealer to cover all of the skin’s impurities, dark circles and so on and then finishing with a very light, mineral transparent powder. Mineral cosmetics contain natural SPF factors which are extremely important for our skin, especially during the summer time.

Next we are concentrating on Martyna’s eyes. We are applying a special base onto the entire surface of her lid. This will ensure that the colours of the eyeshadow look even more rich and vibrant, and it will prevent it from fading away. We are then applying a very dark-grey (nearly like grafit) colored eyeshadow onto the outer-layer of her lid. Using the very same eyeshadow we are concentrating on the whole length of the hollow in the lid. We are applying it gently, using a special brush and robbing it upwards. As the next step we decided to use a very shiny, silver eyeshadow onto the inner layer of the lid and gently robbing the borders between the both colors to help it look more even. In order to make Martyna’s eye bigger and sparkly we are using a silvery-lilac colored eyeshadow to apply onto her eyebrow ridge (from the eyebrow until the start of the darker eyeshadow). To highlight the lower eyelash line we are using the sliver eyeshadow again. We are drawing a line onto the inner layer of the lower lid with a white pencil, which is mainly going to optically enlarge her eye. To achieve a more dramatic effect we are adding some false eyelashes. We are then adding some bronzing powder onto Martyna’s cheeks to highlight her cheekbones and a shiny natural lip gloss onto her lips. This will make her look very feminine and sexy. It is very important to remember about the balance that the whole make up should have. If the eyes are done with darker dramatic colors, then the lips should stay fresh, natural and light.

Martyna: “It was an extraordinary experience for me. Both the stylist and a photographer are very professional .The girls advised me which make up and colors are the best for my skin and beauty type. I also found out how to dress according not only to my shape type but also to my skin color. The best fun was in front of the camera when I was making posing. I was so amazed with the effect at the end. Thank you so much girls. I would recommend it to any lady.”


The hat and clothes really suit her, well done! :)

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