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Finally! Exclusive and high quality hosiery and lingerie from Marilyn are arriving to Ireland at the beginning of April! Era of ugly and short-lived thight is drawing to an end! Just take a look at these sweeties!

We have no information about distribution points yet. But be patient. We are going to update you!

<click the image to enlarge>

SEXY AND GLAMOUR! Delicate pattern, shiny leggins, flowers or lines? The choice is up to you!

ELEGANT and EXTREMELY HOT LEOPART PRINT! Want to be dangerously sexy? It’s simple! Noone will resist!

THIS SUMMER HIT FOR SURE!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous MINI SOCKS designed specially for your high-heels and ballets! Add a little bit of modern and original twist to your everyday look! We just love them!

And what about you? Let us know what you think.

Source: Marilyn

RosaLi Said:

Is it the Italian brand?? Fomer Miss Marilyn?? Holly shit! I can’t wait!! Yay!

RosaLi Said:

And mini socks are sooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :O

Sami Said:

Im in <3 with mini socks! where can i buy them?

Kamila Said:

I know this brand! Where can I get them??

admin Said:

Be patient ;) Marilyn should be available on Irish market in 1-2 months ;)

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