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New Project v.1 – ConFusion

New Project v.1 –...

Hey ho! Sooo... Again, I have been extremely busy lately... I
Tutorial – Pin-up inspired

Tutorial – Pin-up in...

Heya, Few weeks ago I added a post presenting pictures from
Tutorial – Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day does not have to be all about red
Make-up Portfolio

Make-up Portfolio

Looking for a passionate make-up artist with many years of


MAKE THEM JELOUS! ;) Do you want to magnetise others and
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New Project v.1 – ConFusion

New Project v.1 –...

Hey ho! Sooo... Again, I have been extremely busy lately... I
Make-up Portfolio Update

Make-up Portfolio Upda...

Heya, Long time to see! Sorry for not posting too often... I'm
Tutorial – Pin-up inspired

Tutorial – Pin-up in...

Heya, Few weeks ago I added a post presenting pictures from
Tutorial – Pink Lemonade

Tutorial – Pink ...

I do prefer spending few more minutes in bed in
Makeover no.11 – PARTY time!

Makeover no.11 –...

Before: After: Model: Ewelina Age: 21 City: Dublin Ewelina is a happy (but very busy) mother and
Makeover no.10 – Romantic Pastels

Makeover no.10 –...

Before: After: Model: Daria Age: 23 City: Dublin Daria is a member of our
Makeover no.9 – Happy Elegance

Makeover no.9 – ...

Before: After: Model: Martyna Age: 25 City: Dublin Martyna is the winner of this year's
Makeover no.8 – Exotic Beauty

Makeover no.8 – ...

Model: Gabi Age: 28 City: Dublin Gabi has been watching our Makeovers since
Correctly fitting bra? DLC

Correctly fitting bra?...

There are more and more companies catching on to the
Pandora Addiction

Pandora Addiction

So... it started pretty innocent... as always. And now? Yes.
Pin-up-ish Photoshoot

Pin-up-ish Photoshoot

Heya, Few weeks ago we did a pin-up inspired photoshoot with
Win a Marc Jacobs Pouch every 30 minutes

Win a Marc Jacobs Pouc...

The exciting Diet Coke Sparkling Together with Marc Jacobs limited

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Yuppies = informal for (y)oung (U)rban (P)rofessional, or Yup. turned into yuppie in the 1980’s. A term used to describe someone who is young, possibly just out of college, and who has a high-paying job and an affluent lifestyle. Can now be used to describe any rich person who is not modest about their financial status.



Clinique Collection Spring 2010

Clinique’s collection is called Juiced Up Color. I really love the look of this collection. The new mascara “High Lengths” with a willow shaped brush looks really great as well as an all-over cheek color, two shades of Vitamin C Lip Smoothie and a specially designed eyeshadow. Colours are very intresting: soft and romantic.


Guerlain Cherry Blossom Collection Spring 2010

Guerlain’s Cherry Blossom Collection for Spring 2010 is full of beautiful colours: romantic pale pink, dark magikal purple, soft beige and beautiful cherry colour which are popular trend in the cosmetics industry. Lovely blossom design was a really good Idea.


1. Limited Edition Eyeshadow Quad Ombrelles
2. Limited Edition Cherry Blossom Blush
3. Limited Edition Voyage Meteorites Compact

Dior Boudoir Look Collection for Spring 2010

Dior’s 2010 Lacy Beauty Collection is inspired by vintage 20’s. The compacts are very elegant. I really like the colours in this collection.


1. Eyeshadow Quad, Coquette
2. Eyeshadow Quad, Pearl Glow
3. Poudrier Dentelle, Pink Lace
4. Eyeshadow Duo, Boudior Look
5. Vernis, 604
6. Creme de Rose

Lancome Spring Summer 2010 Make Up

The Spring 2010 makeup collection is absolutly gorgeous-  mistery golds, soft corals and fabulous aqua greens.The collection takes inspiration from Bridget Bardot in 1960s St Tropez and Meryl Streep in Out of Africa. You can choice between light and pretty or deep and smoky!


1. Pop ‘n Cheeks
2. Pop ‘n Palette in Pop ‘n Petrol
3. Le Vernis in BB Sand and Pop Petrol
4. Khol Gloss in Pop Petrol
5. Color Forever Glosses in Shivering Pink, Coral Delight, BB Sand, Orange Scopitone
6. BB Kiss

Text: SimpleBeauty

We all want to look good!

Women spend a lot of money for beauty products, diet supplements and Spa therapy. But we cannot forget that our food is very important too! Nothing is better than natural vitamins! And that’s why “5 a day” is a must to keep healthy and good looking skin, hair and nails.


Vitamin A

Vitamin A regulates the size and function of the sebaceous glands. Lack of it causes: dry flaky skin.

How much Vitamin A is enough?
It’s recommended that women consume 800 mcg and men- 1000 mcg of vitamin A daily.

Top sources of vitamin A:
* Beef liver
* Egg yolk
* Cheddar cheese
* Fortified milk


Vitamin B

The B Vitamins play very important role in cells metabolism. Lack of Vitamin B causes: redness, tenderness, cracks at the corner of the mouth and wrinkles.

How much Vitamin B1 is enough?
Women should consume 1.1 milligrams and men- 1.5 milligrams of Vitamin B every day.

Sources of Vitamin B1:
* Yeast
* Liver
* Pork
* Whole-grain cereals
* Rye and whole-wheat flour
* Wheat germ
* Navy beans and kidney beans

How much Vitamin B2 is enough?
Women should consume 1.1 milligrams and men- 1.7 milligrams of riboflavin daily.

Sources of Vitamin B2:
* Riboflavin-enriched breads and cereals
* Red meats
* Green, leafy vegetables
* Dairy products


How much Vitamin B3 is enough?
Women should consume 15 milligrams and men should consume 15 to 19 milligrams daily. Tryptophan is an amino acid serves as a Vitamin B3 equivalent. Sixty milligrams of tryptophan is equal to 1 milligram of vitamin B3.

Sources of Vitamin B3:
* Meat, poultry, fish
* Peanuts
* Yeasts
* Milk and eggs

How much Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) is enough?
Lack of Pantothenic Acid is rather rare. Normal daily intake of Pantothenic Acid for adults is 4 to 7 milligrams.

Sources of Pantothenic Acid:
* Peas and beans (except green beans)
* Lean meat, poultry, fish
* Whole-grain cereals

How much Vitamin B6 is enough?
Women need 1.6 milligrams of B6 every day, and men need 2 milligrams.

Sources of Vitamin B6:
* Poultry
* Pork
* Fish
* Eggs
* Soybeans
* Oats
* Whole grains
* Bananas
* Nuts and seeds


How much Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) is enough?
Men need 200 micrograms of Folic Acid and women need 180 micrograms per day but if you are pregnant, your daily needs increase to 400 micrograms. Now you should eat foods fortified with Folic Acid and also take the supplement to be sure you and your baby are getting appropriate amount of B9. Breastfeeding mothers need 280 micrograms per day.

Sources of Folic Acid:
* Leafy greens such as spinach and turnip greens
* Broccoli
* Asparagus
* Mushrooms
* Liver
* Dry beans and peas
* Fortified cereals and grain products
* Fortified juices

How much B12 is enough?

Both adult men and women need 2.0 micrograms of vitamin B12 each day.

Sources of Vitamin B12:
* Meat
* Milk products
* Eggs
* Cheese
* Chicken
* Fish


Vitamin C

Lack of Vitamin C causes the collagen fibres to break down and show signs of early wrinkling. The capillaries that supply the skin in nutrients become fragile, the wounds heal slower.

How much Vitamin C is enough?
Women and men should consume at least 60 milligrams of vitamin C each day.
People who smoke need to consume more vitamin C because smoking interferes with the body’s ability to use vitamins. Women who smoke should consume 110 milligrams of vitamin C, and men who smoke should consume 125 milligrams of vitamin C per day.

Sources of Vitamin C:
* Citrus juices and fruits
* Tomatoes
* Berries
* Potatoes with skins
* Green and red peppers
* Broccoli
* Spinach


Vitamin E

This vitamin is essential to the health of the skin. Deficiency causes: dry, rough and tried looking skin, slow wound healing.

How much Vitamin E is enough?
Women need 8 milligrams and men need 10 milligrams of vitamin E daily.

Sources of Vitamin E:
* Wheat germ
* Vegetable oil and margarine
* Avocado
* Whole grain products
* Egg yolk
* Nuts
* Liver
* Peanut butter

Text: SimpleBeauty



1. Celebutante – personal stylist makeup kit for a makeup obsessed gal!

Why we love it:
This portable kit is packed with everything you need to look like a Hollywood celebutante… eyes, lips, cheeks, you name it! What more could a celebutante want?

Set includes:
– high beam luminescent complexion enhancer
– benetint rose-tinted lip & cheek stain
– dallas the outdoor glow for the indoor gal face powder
– lip gloss in I’m with the band
– full-finish lipstick in lady’s choice
– full-finish lipstick in no competition
– velvet eyeshadow in leggy
– velvet eyeshadow in dandy brandy
– fluff shadow/talent brush
– step-by-step lesson

2. Sexy starlet – comes in a glam clutch- style case… it’s the perfect accessory!

Why we love it:
Look like the sexiest starlet with this set of Hollywood faves… CORALista, some kind-a gorgeous & the award-winning BADgal lash, all stashed in a stylish clutch.

Set includes:
– CORALista, warm coral-pink cheek powder
– some kind-a gorgeous, oil-free foundation faker
– BADgal lash mascara
– stylish clutch

3. Glitz, glam & gloss – 6-shade lip gloss set

Why we love it:
6 shimmering new lip glosses in 1 fabulous kit! So much gorgeous gloss at such a value.

Set includes:

3 double-ended wands in 6 glam new shades:
– friends in high places (sparkling raspberry)
– kiss you (clear fuchsia)
– almost famous (copper penny)
– zone out (golden nude)
– i’m with the band (golden pink shimmer)

– fresh-squeezed (pink grapefruit)

4. Powderazzi – famous face powders

Why we love it:
A glamorous entourage of famous face powders seen on stars worldwide!

Set includes:
– CORALista, cheerful coral cheek powder
– hoola, bronzing powder
– dallas, an outdoor glow for the indoor gal
– face powder brush



Model: Martyna
Age: 25
City: Dublin


Make-up by SimpleBeauty
Photo by Halinka

Make Up

Martyna has a very clear and beautiful skin, thats way I decided to use a light foundation. Then I cover the dark circle under her eyes. Beige and Turquoise are perfect colours for her brown eyes. I made a’la smoky eyes. Then I applied a golden-brown bronzer to made her face glamorous looking. For the end I used light beige lipgloss. It is a day look, perfect to “wear” to work or shopping with friends !

Cosmetics I used:
– Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Skin Balancing Makeup (buff)
– Elizabeth Arden Sheer Lights Illuminating Pen Concealer (natural)
– Urban Decay’s Foreshadow Eyeshadow Palette
– MAC Lipgelee (moonstone)
– Prescriptives, fresh cut cheek color


I’ve decided to straighten her hair just a little bit.

This is so exciting! We are proud to announce the opening of new section: MAKEOVERS!

Want to look like you just stepped out of the salon? Are you all talk and no action when it comes to changing your style, make-up, haircut? Let our makeovers inspire you to make a change! Go ahead, you can do it!

“Nothing makes me feel so happy than to give someone
the power and confidence they didn’t know they had.”
Alexis Vogel

  • To make an appointment with our Makeover Team, please contact us at:

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