Wings of Envy

Strong lips are an Autumn staple but this year traditional red lipstick takes a dark and romantic turn. Blood red, dark cherries and deep mulled wine are all ahead for lips this season but whatever shade you choose, make sure to keep it bold as the weather cools and nights draw in.

The Blank Canvas L29 Lip Definer Brush (around 7 euro) will help to give your lips the ultimate autumn look. Its firm round shape means it’s perfect for grabbing product and applying it with precision to define lips. The L29 Lip Definer Brush gives more control over lipstick application, makes lipstick easier to blend with lip liner and most importantly will ensure lipstick lasts long into the night.

How to apply lipstick (tips from Blank Canvas Creator and professional MUA, Úna Tynan):

1. The key to achieving perfect bold lips it to make sure lips are smooth and hydrated. Exfoliate lips first and apply a little balm to soften lips and help create a smooth finish

2. Apply lipliner over your lips to create a base for lipstick to cling to. This will also ensure more staying power for your lipstick.

3. Apply an even layer of lipstick using the Blank Canvas L29 over the entire lip, starting at one corner of the mouth and keeping within the natural lines of the lips. Line lips using the L29 brush and lipstick. Apply colour to the corners on both top and bottom lips. Fill in the bottom lip just outside the natural outline of the lips before pressing lips together to evenly distribute the colour.

4. Place a piece of tissue loosely over your lips and using a fluffy brush lightly dust over the lips with loose/pressed face powder, This will soak up excess product and help to set the stain.

5. For an intense, long-lasting pout, repeat the process once or twice to build up a strong colour.

Source: Rachel Dalton Communications

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