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Many of you keep asking about Sleek Palettes. We ordered all of them few months ago and decided to post this quick review. Today two palettes: Bohemian and Acid.

1. Parcel

Our parcel arrived only 4 days after online order (we are based in Ireland)!! Palettes were very good protected and covered with a pink decorating paper (almost like LaSenza underwear).

Palettes look gorgeous! They have a big mirror and applicator with 2 heads (nice quality). But there is one minus – you can’t replace colours when one is finished.

2. Palettes

  • Bohemian i-Divine

The Bohemian palette is inspired by the amazing, rich tones of boho (bohemian) trends. It consists of glimmering metallics coupled with intense matte tones.


<click the image to enlarge>

  • Acid i-Divine

The Acid i-Divine palette contains a fusion of vibrant colours for the more daring, with bright pinks to luminous greens amongst the 12 pressed mineral-based eyeshadow shades. This palette combines matte and shimmer formulations with neon and complimentary shades that keep their vibrancy on all skin tones.


<click the image to enlarge>

3. Overall experience:

Pearl colours are very (!!) pigmented but the quality of mattes is much lower. You can find them a bit hard to work with but a good base will do the job.

One palette = 7.23 euro + shipping (to Ireland) = 5.10 euro

DEFINITELY great price!

Firefly Said:

Hello great review!!!
Can you tell us where you ordered those beautiful palettes?

Thanks again!

admin Said:

You can order Sleek palettes online:
Hope it helps ;)

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