Wings of Envy

Designers bring splashes of sunshine to the runway for spring 2010. Vibrant brights add a sense of excitement to the color palette, while practical neutrals provide a safety net for cautious consumers.

Colors for Spring 2010: Turquoise, Amparo Blue, Violet, Aurora, Fusion Coral, Tomato Purée, Pink Champagne, Tuscany, Dried Herb, Eucalyptus.

Below our favourite projects:

1. Peter Som: “My choices reflect the need for happy, moodlifting colors that offer a bit of escapism”.

Colors: Deeply Aqua Blue (signature); warm, optimistic palette of brights ranging from Tangerine Orange, Sunny Yellow and Hibiscus Pink to shades of Blue in Azure Lagoon and True Navy; Dove Grays and shades of White ranging from Optic, Buttermilk and Ivory anchor the palette.

2. Tracy Reese: “Inspiration: Pierre Bonnard’s unique approach to solid color by building and layering multiple colors”.

Colors: Varying shades of Blue (sygnature); combination of Blueberry, Peri and Ocean Wave with a rainbow of Rich Berry, Bluebell, Crocus, Pale Winsome, Passionfruit and Goldenrod.

3. Catherine Malandrino: “Inspiration: Geographical areas like South Africa, the Sahara Desert and the joie de vivre of South America”.

Colors: Deep Purple highlighted by Turquoise (sygnature); base of Coco and Sand with Plum, Mustard and Deep Purple, highlighted by Turquoise and Red with Black and graphic elements – the colors are warm, deep and mute.

4. Thuy Diep: “Inspiration: A tongue-in-cheek take on the sultry chic of the ’30’s goddess with a bit of an S&M spin – the selected colors provide an unexpected counterpoint to this inspiration: Toasted Almond and Adobe instead of Firehouse Red, and Feather Gray Heather and Egret trumping shiny Black patent”.

Colors: Yellow, realized as Aurora Yellow; Toasted Almond, Muted Clay, Green-Blue Slate and Feather Gray.


Janet Said:

The last model is very skinny :-) give her something to eat and create new design :-) In this size it`s not for Irish girls :-)

Katex Said:

LOOOL :D Well, Im Irish and I am skinny :D Your comment rox! :)

Janet Said:

Tell me how many Irish girls are skinny? In other way after Christmass i saw about 130 kg woman trying something in size 10. Her husband was helping her :-) “Honey I`m sure you gonna make it”. I`m sure that collection is just for her…imagination

KateX Said:

:) Haha its a pity I havnt seen it!!
By the way I love your sense of humour girl!! You have made my day! :)

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