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Clinique Collection Spring 2010

Clinique’s collection is called Juiced Up Color. I really love the look of this collection. The new mascara “High Lengths” with a willow shaped brush looks really great as well as an all-over cheek color, two shades of Vitamin C Lip Smoothie and a specially designed eyeshadow. Colours are very intresting: soft and romantic.


Guerlain Cherry Blossom Collection Spring 2010

Guerlain’s Cherry Blossom Collection for Spring 2010 is full of beautiful colours: romantic pale pink, dark magikal purple, soft beige and beautiful cherry colour which are popular trend in the cosmetics industry. Lovely blossom design was a really good Idea.


1. Limited Edition Eyeshadow Quad Ombrelles
2. Limited Edition Cherry Blossom Blush
3. Limited Edition Voyage Meteorites Compact

Dior Boudoir Look Collection for Spring 2010

Dior’s 2010 Lacy Beauty Collection is inspired by vintage 20’s. The compacts are very elegant. I really like the colours in this collection.


1. Eyeshadow Quad, Coquette
2. Eyeshadow Quad, Pearl Glow
3. Poudrier Dentelle, Pink Lace
4. Eyeshadow Duo, Boudior Look
5. Vernis, 604
6. Creme de Rose

Lancome Spring Summer 2010 Make Up

The Spring 2010 makeup collection is absolutly gorgeous-  mistery golds, soft corals and fabulous aqua greens.The collection takes inspiration from Bridget Bardot in 1960s St Tropez and Meryl Streep in Out of Africa. You can choice between light and pretty or deep and smoky!


1. Pop ‘n Cheeks
2. Pop ‘n Palette in Pop ‘n Petrol
3. Le Vernis in BB Sand and Pop Petrol
4. Khol Gloss in Pop Petrol
5. Color Forever Glosses in Shivering Pink, Coral Delight, BB Sand, Orange Scopitone
6. BB Kiss

Text: SimpleBeauty

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