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Here is 2 part of Inglot eyeshadows’ swatches.


Full review HERE in part 1.

Inglot is a Polish brand that become very popular lately and no wonder… Their cosmetics (especially eyeshadows) quality is just amazing! We prepared around 60 eyeshadows swatches for you. Today part 1.


Eyeshadow names are stated in the video apart from first 5:

Light pink – 142 AMC Shine
Salamon – 407 Pearl
Light Gold – 118 AMC Shine
Yellow gold – 404 Pearl
Old gold – 148 Shine

Part 2 with eyeshadow swatches is coming soon!

amazing pigmentation (a way better than Mac’s);
– great quality;
– huge variety of colors;
– variety of finished;
– great consistency;
– different sizes (round and square);
– freedom system – palettes (for 3, 5, 10, 20 and 40 eyeshadows);
– great price (in Poland = around 3-4 euro, in Irelnad = around 10 euro per 1 eyeshadow)

– none.

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