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After the winter, when the sun comes out, we don’t need gloves any more… Well, after the winter season often our hands are dry, sometimes frozen and may look neglected. In this situation, we should visit the beauty salon and treat yourself to extremely relaxing and pleasant treatment such as a paraffin bath. After this treatment our hands will look healthy, young and beautiful again.

The hot therapy is known and used for ages. For long years Romans, Japanese and other nations drew from its benefits. Doctors and physiotherapists have used it to treat arthritis, inflammation of the joint capsule as well as relaxation for tired and swollen feet. A paraffin therapy reduces swelling in muscles and joints. The doctors have found also that it is more effective than the other “hot treatments”.

A paraffin therapy is used as beauty body treatments, manicure, pedicure and provides each client its exceptional feeling. A paraffin manicure causes the hand skin to become softer and smoother and gives us the feeling of relaxation and comfort. A paraffin pedicure gibes a great relief of tired feet and also stimulates a blood circulation.

A paraffin treatment can also be used on the face. After this treatment the skin is softer and more moisturized.

A paraffin treatment could be introduced in a beauty salon as an additional service. It is recommended for relaxing of deep muscles and softening the skin. The paraffin and a cosmetic foil wrapped on the body results with a mini-sauna effect. Therapeutic properties of the paraffin help to reduce muscle tension, improve the blood circulation and to nourish tissues.

Types of the paraffin used for the treatments:
– The paraffin made of the peach seed is easily absorbed by the skin, protects and softens the epidermis and also refreshes and improves colour of the tired, gray skin.
– The lavender paraffin has antifungal activity, anti-inflammatory and aromatherapy qualities. It relieves pain and calms as well.
– The paraffin made of the tea tree has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiperspirant activity. It is recommended as a food treatment.
– The Paraffin made from pumpkin has the soothing properties. It is recommended for muscular pain, arthritis, cramps and sports injuries.
– Milk and honey smooth and grease the skin.
– Papaya and Guava regenerate and improve skin texture.
– The bergamot skin has a unique fragrance and is the complex of vitamins which soothe the skin and provide adequate hydration.

Marta Stępnik

Styling nails and pregnancy

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As a long nail stylist and trainer I often have to answer clients questions. The most popular question is about nail care (I mean gel, acrylic and other artificial materials), and if these will harm during the pregnancy.

Well, the substances contained in products for nail care and styling are chemicals such as acetone, isopropanol, ethyl acetate, polymethyl metal. As for the possible harm of these substances, the problem should be considered from two sides:

1) a pregnant woman who wants to perform the artificial nails, acrylic or gel nails:

A pregnant client can perform all the nail beauty treatments, as it demonstrated any harm from these treatments for pregnancy or the fetus. The problem is the period of delivery. During the natural delivery, gel or acrylic nails do not prove any obstacle, provided they are sufficiently short. Otherwise, looks matter when it is necessary to comply with caesarean. During this procedure, to accurately monitor the condition of patient, mother has on her finger a pulse oximeter that gives real data. Nail plate must be natural and pure, it means without chemicals. So good advice: remove one nail before the delivery, the rest you can keep.

2) a pregnant manicurist who provides services and operates in among the above-mentioned substances:

A pregnant manicurist, which deals with styling and beautifying the nail can be exposed during her work to toxic substances that are potentially harmful if inhaled. However, the concentration of substances contained in the imposition of a gel or acrylic is very small. Acetone and isopropanol are included in the formulations for disinfectant, washing and degreasing. Acetone vapors only in very high concentrations are harmful to health and absorbed through the lungs to the blood. But even high doses are effective metabolized and remover by the liver.

Studies on animals have shown no toxicity of acetone and isopropanol for experiments on animals, both by inhalation and ingestion. Acrylic is commonly used for the formation of a “new” nail plate can cause irritant eyes and blocked airways. The toxic can be quickly removed from the body.

It is not known whether the prettiest of components and whether the long-term work among these there is no vapor accumulation in the body. At present, there is no evidence of harmful effects with acrylic or its filings on the human body. It seems that an effective method of avoiding eventual adverse reactions, are ventilated workspaces and wearing masks during the work.

In summary there is currently no valid and reliable research that has demonstrated any harm in relation to the mother or fetus. There were no further complications in a group of pregnant manicurist or beauticians who were constantly using these materials during the work.

Marta Stępnik

Nails – new section!

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I have a pleasure of announcing that we have opened a new site section: Nails. We are going to present here the newest trends in the “nail industry”. All posted creations are designed and made by our amazing Nail Artist – Marta Stepnik.



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