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After the winter, when the sun comes out, we don’t need gloves any more… Well, after the winter season often our hands are dry, sometimes frozen and may look neglected. In this situation, we should visit the beauty salon and treat yourself to extremely relaxing and pleasant treatment such as a paraffin bath. After this treatment our hands will look healthy, young and beautiful again.

The hot therapy is known and used for ages. For long years Romans, Japanese and other nations drew from its benefits. Doctors and physiotherapists have used it to treat arthritis, inflammation of the joint capsule as well as relaxation for tired and swollen feet. A paraffin therapy reduces swelling in muscles and joints. The doctors have found also that it is more effective than the other “hot treatments”.

A paraffin therapy is used as beauty body treatments, manicure, pedicure and provides each client its exceptional feeling. A paraffin manicure causes the hand skin to become softer and smoother and gives us the feeling of relaxation and comfort. A paraffin pedicure gibes a great relief of tired feet and also stimulates a blood circulation.

A paraffin treatment can also be used on the face. After this treatment the skin is softer and more moisturized.

A paraffin treatment could be introduced in a beauty salon as an additional service. It is recommended for relaxing of deep muscles and softening the skin. The paraffin and a cosmetic foil wrapped on the body results with a mini-sauna effect. Therapeutic properties of the paraffin help to reduce muscle tension, improve the blood circulation and to nourish tissues.

Types of the paraffin used for the treatments:
– The paraffin made of the peach seed is easily absorbed by the skin, protects and softens the epidermis and also refreshes and improves colour of the tired, gray skin.
– The lavender paraffin has antifungal activity, anti-inflammatory and aromatherapy qualities. It relieves pain and calms as well.
– The paraffin made of the tea tree has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiperspirant activity. It is recommended as a food treatment.
– The Paraffin made from pumpkin has the soothing properties. It is recommended for muscular pain, arthritis, cramps and sports injuries.
– Milk and honey smooth and grease the skin.
– Papaya and Guava regenerate and improve skin texture.
– The bergamot skin has a unique fragrance and is the complex of vitamins which soothe the skin and provide adequate hydration.

Marta Stępnik

Shea butter is a slightly yellowish or ivory colored natural fat extracted from the seed of the African shea tree by crushing and boiling. The English name “shea” comes from sí, the tree’s name in the Bamana languages of Mali. The French name “karité” comes from ghariti, its equivalent in the Wolof language of Senegal.

Shea butter is widely used in cosmetics as a as moisturizer creams and emulsion, and hair conditioners for dry and brittle hair. It is edible and may be used in food preparation, or sometimes in the chocolate industry as a substitute for cocoa butter.

Shea butter has been claimed to be effective treatment for the following conditions: fading scars, eczema, burns, rashes, severely dry skin, dark spots, skin discolorations, chapped lips, stretchmarks, wrinkles, and in lessening the irritation of psoriasis. It has been used as a sunblocking lotion, although the level of protection against the sun’s ultraviolet radiation is extremely variable, ranging from nothing to approximately SPF 6. It melts at body temperature and absorbs rapidly into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling.

Source: Wikipedia

L’Occitane Organic Shea Butter:

Product 100% from plant-based origin, extracted from wild kernels of Shea tree fruits. Issued from fair trade in Burkina Faso (West Africa). Free from synthetic pesticide, artificial fertilizer and preservatives. The butter is smooth, rich and melts into your skin. You can use it on your face and body or feet.

The Body Shop: Shea Body Butter:

Best if you want to treat your skin to non-stop moisturization with a rich, intensive cream featuring the clean scent of shea.

Jergens Naturals Extra Softening hand Moisturiser with Shea Butter:

Made with 95% natural ingredients, this hand cream calms skin with an infusion of rich emollients and vitamin packed moisturisers making skin twice as soft immediately.

When we went to visit one of the LUSH shops, we didn’t expect so nice and helpful service. The LUSH team spend with us a lot of time to show us everything around and to answer all our questions. Now we know that all LUSH products are handmade of only the best ingredients and not tested on animals. We got samples (review is coming very soon)! Thank you LUSH team!

Our favourite products:

1. CUPCAKE – chocolate facial mask for oil and teenage skin. The smell is just amazing! It contains (among other things):  rhassoul mud (very deep cleansing clay), peppermint and spearmint oils (stimulate the skin, improving circulation) silica, magnesium, potassium, calcium, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and vanilla. Absolutely no preservatives! 75g cost 8.95 euro


2. SOFT COEUR – chocolate and honey massage bar. Perfect for romantic nights in :). It contains: shea butter, coca butter, honey, coca powder, perfume, almond oil, glycerine, sweet orange oil, limonene, bergamot oil. After massage please do not bite your boyfriend/husband! 6.95 euro each.


3. HEAVENLY BODIES – chocolate and vanilla butter cream. It looks like cake and the smell… so sweet and gorgeous. It contains: water, glycerine, orange blossom infusion, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, fresh organic orange juice , rhassoul mud, organic jojoba oil, cocoa butter, perfume, sodium hydroxide, tangerine oil, sweet orange oil, vanilla absolute, cocoa absolute, sodium chloride, coumarin, limonene, flaked chocolate.


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