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Hey ho!

Sooo… Again, I have been extremely busy lately… I know it’s not an excuse but hey! It’s life! Photoshoots, weddings, new project… Yes!
Recently, we have started totally new project together with the best photographer on the globe (you can check his photos few posts below). It’s called ConFusion. We are working on our website but at the moment you can check our latest work on a Facebook Page here. Please like and shareee! :P

Here is our first photo:

Only great passions can elevate the soul to great things…

Photo by: ConFusion (former PCPA)
Make-up by: ConFusion (former WingsOfEnvy)
Hair by: Renata Zaborek (Montownia)
Neck piece by: Claire Garvey
Model: Gosia Zagorska

So happy with the results! I’m really proud.

OK, that’s all for now. I wish you all the best and… happy new year!


Few weeks ago we did a pin-up inspired photoshoot with beautiful Gabi and the most talented photographer I have ever met – Piotr from Here is a sneak peek (click the image to enlarge):

Kitchen vol.1:

Kitchen vol.2:

My lovely dog Tofik as a model:

Soon, closer look at pin-up make-up. Stay tuned!

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