Wings of Envy

It’s time for quick, easy, yet colorful eye make-up tutorial! It goes with all color eyes, and can really dress up a simple outfit.

1. Prime your eyes. The primer will ensure a better eyeshadow’s application and a longer stay. Follow up with applying a base eyeshadow (matte color similar to your skin complexion).

2. Apply a light minty eyeshadow with golden sparkles on the inner corner of the eye. Add an orange eyeshadow and blend it with pink. Take a warm purple eyeshadow and apply it on the outer corner of your eye. You may want to mix it with a brown shade to warm up the look.

3. Blend the same shade of brown upwards (just above the socket line). Add highlight color on the brow bone. You may use shimmer or matte eyeshadow depending on your own preference.

4. Take a clean blending brush and blend everything together to get a smooth transition between colors.

5. Use a deep purple shade underneath the eye (outer part) and mix it with the same warm purple shade you used on your lid. Remember to accent your inner part of lower lashline with the minty eyeshadow. Apply a small dot of a light shimmer eyeshadow by the tear duct.

6. Line your upper lash line with a gel liner and wing it out slightly. Apply some black shadow on top of the liner to soften it and make it matte.

7. Use a black pencil on your waterline.

8. Apply lashes if you want and finish off with mascara.

Products used (full list to follow):
Inglot Eyeshadows
Sleek Eyeshadows
MAC Blacktrack Gel Liner

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