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Few weeks ago I added a post presenting pictures from our photoshoot with beautiful Gabi and the most talented photographer I have ever met – Piotr from

wingsofenvy make-up tutorial pin-up inspired final

Today, I’d like to show you how I achieved that look. Here is a close-up of Gabi’s make up:

  • EYES:

Step 1:
Prime your eyes. Use a nude / white pencil on your waterline. Apply a matte beige eyeshadow on the inner part of your eyelid.

Step 2:
Apply a brown eyeshadow on to the outer part of your eyelid and blend it with the beige. Apply the same shade just above the socket line. Blend it upwards. Add matte beige as a highlight color on the brow bone. Take a clean blending brush and blend everything together.

Step 3:
Use a light brown eye pencil underneath the eye and set it with light matte brown eyeshadow. Apply a matte beige shade to the inner part of your lower lash line to open up your eye.

Step 4:
Line your upper lash line with a gel liner. Wing the liner (connect it with crease color). Apply lashes and finish off with mascara. Fill in your brows.

  • FACE:

Step 1:
Apply your favourite moisturizer and wait few minutes. Then, apply a face primer. For photo friendly make up, choose a foundation with no or very low SPF to avoid flash backs. Conceal your dark circles and blemishes. Make sure your under eye concealer has no SPF in it as well. Set everything with powder.

Step 2:
Contour your face with a bronzer. Add blusher and highlighter. Blend everything together – it’s very important! Face should look flawless. You may want to set the make-up with setting spray.

Step 3:
Line your lips with nude / pink-ish pencil and apply pale pink lipstick. Add a lip gloss if you wish.

And… done!

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