Wings of Envy

Evening, dark, smokey and… sexy. Time for a new tutorial!

Final look:

Step 1:

Start by applying eyeshadow base (in that case Urban Decay). Using soft brush, apply brown eyeshadow with golden sparkles (ELF, Everyday Brights Palette) all over your eyelid.

Step 2:

Apply light brown eyeshadow (UD in Smog) into your crease.

Step 3:

Apply golden eyeshadow (UD in Half Baked) above your crease and blend with Smog.

Step 4:

Accent your outer V with black eyeshadow and blend it lightly towards your crease.

Step 5:

Apply golden eyeshadow (UD in Half Baked) to your lower lash line (half way).

Step 6:

Add black eyeshadow to outer part of your lower lash line. Blend with gold.

Step 7:

Accent your upper lash line with black eyeliner. Fill in your brows and add mascara. You are done!

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