Wings of Envy

Today we would like to present a really quick look that will match perfectly to blue, grey and green eyes (if your eyes are brown you can pull this look off easily by adding a bit more gold eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye).

It’s a great evening / party look! We love it!

Final effect:

<click the image to enlarge>

Step 1

Start from applying black pencil (as an eyeshadow base) all over your lid and blend it upwards.  Then add dark blue eyeshadow (covering the black pencil).

Step 2

Apply a lilac/silver eyeshadow on to crease line and gently blend with dark blue. Add a black pencil to the lower lash line.

Step 3

Accent half of lower lash line using a dark blue color and then another half by turquoise.

Step 4

Add a bit of gold eyeshadow to inner eye corner.  Apply mascara and you are done!

Final look:

- Benefit Black Pencil
– All eyeshadows from Sleek Original Palette
– Max Factor Lash Effect Mascara

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