Wings of Envy

Biting cold and snow… Yes, winter is here! White down took control of everything (especially of colours). White, white, white… It’s time for memories. Memories of autumn.

Make-up inspired by autumn leaf.

Final effect:

How to achieve this look:

Start from preparing your eyes with Urban Decay Shadow Primer Potion. Then fill in your eyebrows (if needed). Apply light liquid concealer in a corner of the eye to eliminate dark circles and redness.

Have a look at this chart and follow the steps:

Step 1:

Apply bottle green colour with golden sparkles to the inner corner of your eye (to lower and upper lid). Accent tear duct with sheer sparkling white eyeshadow. It will open your eye.

Step 2:

Apply orange colour to the middle of your eyelid and blend with green.

Step 3:

Add black eyeshadow with golden sparkles to the outer part of your eye and blend well with orange.

Step 4:

Using a pencil brush and black eyeshadow make a delicate line along your eye socket. Fluffy blending brush will help you to soften the line by blending it upwards.

Step 5:

Soften the black line even more by blending it with brown sparkling eyeshadow. Go up to your crease area.

Step 6:

Add sparkling orange colour and blend it with brown. It will help to avoid harsh lines between different eyeshadows.

Step 7:

Add a highlighter under your brown bone.

Step 8:

Time to take care of lower lid. Outline it with purple pencil (preferable with sparkles) and blend it with green (inner corner of the eye). Then apply brown sparkle colour over the pencil. It will give you very nice effect – brown-ish line with purple undertones.

Step 9:

Accent your outer part of lower lash line with black eyeshadow.

Step 10:

Outline your upper lash line with gel liner and blend it a bit with a pencil brush to create thin but soft line. Accent your waterline with black pencil to deepen the look. Apply your favourite mascara to upper and lower lashes. And guess what? You are done!

– Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
– Nouba quatro 626 (green with golden sparkles – inner part of the eyelid)
– Nouba quatro 626 (gold-ish white colour to accent tear duct)
– Make up Store Microshadow in Sunrise (orange colour in central part of the eyelid)
– Make up Store Microshadow in Jubilee (black colour with golden sparkles)
– MAC Buckwheat (soft brown crease colour)
– INGLOT AMC Shine 114 (beautiful orange-ish colour with golden sparkles blended with MAC Buckwheat)
– INGLOT AMC Shine 118 (golden highlight)
– Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil in Plum (1999)
– INGLOT 124 Shine (brown applied over UD pencil)
– MAC Blacktrack Fluid liner
– Max Factor black eye pencil
– Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

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