Wings of Envy

I do prefer spending few more minutes in bed in the morning to getting up earlier and having plenty of time to do my full face and eyes make-up. Around 10 minutes for make-up application should be enough. It’s time for something easy-to-do.

How to achieve this look? It’s pretty simple! Follow our step by step tutorial.

Step 1:
Prime your eyes. Use a black pencil on your waterline. Apply a matte white eyeshadow (more on the translucent side than opaque) on the inner part of your eyelid. Apply a pink eyeshadow on to the outer part of your eyelid and blend it with the white. Use a light brown eye pencil underneath the eye.

Step 2:
Apply a shade of brown mixed with lilac just above the socket line.

Step 3:
Blend it upwards. Add highlight color on the brow bone. You may use shimmer or matte eyeshadow depending on your own preference (I used the matte base eyeshadow). Take a clean blending brush and blend everything together to get a smooth transition between colors.

Step 4:
Apply mix of brown and purple eyeshadows underneath the eye (where you used light brown eye pencil). Line your upper lash line with a gel liner. Apply lashes if you want and finish off with mascara.

Products used (full list to follow):
Inglot Eyeshadows
Sleek Eyeshadows
MAC Blacktrack Gel Liner

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