Wings of Envy

When we went to visit one of the LUSH shops, we didn’t expect so nice and helpful service. The LUSH team spend with us a lot of time to show us everything around and to answer all our questions. Now we know that all LUSH products are handmade of only the best ingredients and not tested on animals. We got samples (review is coming very soon)! Thank you LUSH team!

Our favourite products:

1. CUPCAKE – chocolate facial mask for oil and teenage skin. The smell is just amazing! It contains (among other things):  rhassoul mud (very deep cleansing clay), peppermint and spearmint oils (stimulate the skin, improving circulation) silica, magnesium, potassium, calcium, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and vanilla. Absolutely no preservatives! 75g cost 8.95 euro


2. SOFT COEUR – chocolate and honey massage bar. Perfect for romantic nights in :). It contains: shea butter, coca butter, honey, coca powder, perfume, almond oil, glycerine, sweet orange oil, limonene, bergamot oil. After massage please do not bite your boyfriend/husband! 6.95 euro each.


3. HEAVENLY BODIES – chocolate and vanilla butter cream. It looks like cake and the smell… so sweet and gorgeous. It contains: water, glycerine, orange blossom infusion, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, fresh organic orange juice , rhassoul mud, organic jojoba oil, cocoa butter, perfume, sodium hydroxide, tangerine oil, sweet orange oil, vanilla absolute, cocoa absolute, sodium chloride, coumarin, limonene, flaked chocolate.


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