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Knowledge about your face (its shape and structure) is a key to correct/perfect make-up application. Try to spend some time studying your own face – it will help you to understand where to put blush, bronzer or highlighter. We prepared a special chart for you:

<click the image to enlarge>

* Where to apply your blush:
- apple of cheeks (blend it toward your temples)

* Where to apply your bronzer:
hollow of cheeks (under your cheek bone)
– temple, forehead and hairline (just a delicate touch of bronzer)
– along your jaw line (just a delicate touch of bronzer)

* Where to apply your highlighter:
arch of brow/under your eyebrows
- above/along your cheek bones
dip of your cupid’s bow (between peaks of lip)
– down the center of your nose (just a delicate touch of highlighter)

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